Preserve the memory of the Holocaust victims in the Republic of Moldova

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On the territory of the Moldovan city Cahul, during its occupation from 1941 until 1944, the mass executions of Jews were carried out. Thousands of people who did not manage to self-evacuate to the East with the outgoing units were killed.

Many places in the Republic of Moldova are associated with the tragic events of World War II and it is our duty to mark these places with commemorative signs. The memorial sign designed by the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova for being installed in Cahul city is in the shape of the menorah with the star of David located in the center. Flames are carved on top of a granite stone. The sign symbolizes the eternal memory of the victims of Nazism with the frozen flame reflecting the sorrow. The words engraved on the plaque: “In the eternal memory of innocent victims perished at the hands of Fascist criminals”

Since one of the key priorities of the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova is to perpetuate the memory of those, who innocently perished during the Holocaust, we consider that preserving the memory of the Holocaust victims is a constant reminder to current and future generations that ignoring the brutal lessons of history may lead to irreparable consequences. For that reason for many years the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova has been implementing over 40 projects to keep on the memory, restoring and installing new memorials and commemorative signs.

The overall cost of the project is 500 000 MDL (which is approx. 28 000 USD). The monument is expected to be installed in June 2020, however currently in order to cover the outstanding costs of the project, we need 340 000 MDL (19,000 USD). We invite You to support financially this project of edifying the monument to the Holocaust victims in Cahul city, the Republic of Moldova.

Your contribution is very important and much appreciated!

Romanian and Russian version of the fundraising campaign.

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